The Way To Trade Forex

Many traders aspire to be successful traders, but few succeed. An amateur trader looks at the Trading platform, makes a trade and loses, makes another trade and loses more. Traders lose because the game is hard and they trade with emotions, lacking a purpose and discipline. If any of these relates to you, I write the book for you, for I too was in this position once!

Many traders keep making impulsive trades; they do not have any trading plans or a system, and no money management rules. To put it simply, an amateur trader will cut short his profits, and let the losses run. Professional Traders accept the importance of psychology, yet the novice traders ignore it. You have to practice sound money management and you should watch your capital. In my opinion the markets only exist because losers bring money into the market, which is necessary for the Industry.

This book is unique in that it takes you the trader, to devise your own trading philosophy, build your own methodology,-; a trading system which is your o, and not fed to you by the currently “hot” guru-., It guides you to develop your own trading plan.

To be truly successful you have to become intuitive, and this simply means that you become an expert in what you are doing – which will come through experience and learning from your past mistakes. You can be free, you can live and work anywhere in the world. You can be independent from routine – This is the life of a successful trader. I can give you the knowledge, only you can supply the motivation.

In this book I discuss many winning strategies that are NOT unique in the world, no doubt you have come across them, but chances are that you have never considered using them, or you have never been shown how to apply the strategies correctly. I have put together strategies in this book that I have developed over time. I am sure that you will find these methods to be very profitable for you. Some of the strategies here are awesome-. DEFINITELY practice these techniques in a demo account for a while before trading real money.

No doubt, you might have read many books, written by non-traders, showing you strategies that do not work; or the author himself is not an active trader. Therefore the methods shown are not really tried and tested, so how can you trust them? We are living in an era of information overkill. Amateur traders are constantly tuning in to listen to “experts” on Bloomberg or CNBC and reading and following so many emails and newsletters from many trading gurus and then often acting on these “hot tips”. Uncertainty also occurs because of too much information; having to look at so many indicators, which give conflicting signals thereby, you do not take any action. Just how can you learn and take action using hundreds of Candlestick patterns, chart patterns, chart types and indicators? – Just too many!, no wonder 90% of traders lose money.


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