The Triangle Trading Method

I believe that success in the Futures markets is achieved thru the disciplined practice of simple and common methods. Using some previously undocumented techniques, this manual describes a simple but effective method of trading a well known price pattern referred to as a “Symmetrical Triangle”. Traders have known about this pattern and it’s powerful market forecasting ability for years but trading it has always been somewhat subjective.
My goal has been to find and document tools that have worked for me in removing some of the subjectivity associated with trading this pattern. The purpose of this manual is to show you how to recognize this highly reliable pattern and how to apply these tools to trade it. There are 2 very important concepts described in this plan. First, is a recurring cyclical tendency that can greatly improve your trade selection and entry timing. The second is a detailed exit strategy. If you learn nothing else from this information, please remember that the exit strategy is the most important and overlooked aspect of Futures trading today. After all it is the exit, not the entry, that ultimately determines how much you make or lose on any trade.
Skeptics of pattern recognition techniques claim that the human mind will re-interpret visual information to see an optimized version of it. An analogy would be finding shapes in the clouds that you did as a child. To a certain degree this is true and you should always be aware of this when using any visual indicator….


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