High Probability Trading Strategies

High Probability Trading Strategies is one of the few trading books from which you can learn a complete trade management plan from entry to exit. If you are a new trader or one who has not yet found consistent success in the business of trading futures, stocks, or forex, you will learn specific trade strategies, from how to identify high probability trade conditions, to the specific entry and stop price, through exit strategies that are designed to maximize the gain from any trend. If you are an experienced and successful trader, I know that you will recognize several key strategies to incorporate into your existing trade plan that should immediately increase your success.
I’ve been teaching these strategies for over 20 years to traders around the world. I’ve refined and simplified the strategies over the years to get to the core of the most important information a trader needs to make a trading decision and manage the trade. The combination of book and CD will provide more information in a better learning environment than I can offer in an expensive weekend workshop.
You will learn my unique approach to the four main factors of technical analysis, including Multiple Time Frame Momentum setups and the one main guideline to recognize the pattern structure of trends and corrections. Plus you will learn my Dynamic Price and Time Strategies to identify in advance the probable price and time targets for trends
and corrections. You will learn two powerful and logical objective entry techniques and how to manage a trade for short- and intermediate-term gains through the trade exit in any market and any time frame. I’ve also devoted an entire chapter called “Real Traders, Real Time” (Chapter 8) with trade examples submitted by my past students, who show how they apply every day the strategies you learn in this book to markets from around the world.
The video CD takes the learning experience to a much higher level than any book is able to do on its own. In the video CD, you will see more examples of how to apply the High Probability Trading Strategies for many markets and time frames in bar-bybar and step-by-step recordings. Be sure to read the book first, cover to cover, before
watching the video CD. The CD material assumes you have learned the techniques and strategies taught in the book.
I’m sure High Probability Trading Strategies and the accompanying video CD will become one of your most important trading reference materials. It may even become the complete trading plan you have been looking for to manage trades from entry to exit for any market and any time frame.


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