Kerbal Space Program 2 is Coming to PC, Xbox One, and Steam in 2023

Developed by Intercept Games, Kerbal Space Program 2 is set to be a sequel to the original game. The new game is set to be published by Private Division. It will feature multiplayer and tutorials.

Early access

During Early Access to Kerbal Space Program 2, players will be able to explore the revamped Kerbolar system. They will also be able to customize their spacecraft with hundreds of new parts. The game will feature multiplayer, a new terrain system, and interstellar travel.

The game will include a vastly improved UI, as well as interactive tutorial videos. It will also include a blueprint view, part sorting, and new part coloring options. It will also feature a planetary atmosphere system, improved onboarding systems, and more.

The new version of the game will be released on PC and PS5 in 2023. It will launch in Early Access on the Epic Games Store and Steam.

The game will also be available in other storefronts. In fact, the game’s developers recently explained some of the features they are bringing to the game in the early access phase.


Originally scheduled for release in 2020, Kerbal Space Program 2 has been delayed to 2023. While the game may not be ready for consoles in time, the team behind the sequel plans to launch on PC, Xbox One and Steam at a later date.

The new title is being developed by the indie studio Intercept Games. Previously known as Uber Entertainment, the studio has taken over the development of the game from its original developers.

The game will feature new technologies that will unlock new fuels and propulsion systems that will allow players to explore uncharted star systems and build large scale structures. Initially, players will be able to use current day rocket technology. However, future technologies will let them travel into the depths of the Kerbolar System and use new types of fuels and propulsion systems.


Whether you’re new to the game or just looking for a refresher, Kerbal Space Program 2 has tutorials to help you get started. These will teach you the basics of space travel and proper ship maintenance.

These videos are from Scottish YouTuber Scott Manley, who is an astrophysicist and programmer with degrees in both. His educational videos about Kerbal Space Program are often animated and make complex science concepts easy to understand.

The first thing you should know about this game is that you can actually build your own rockets. You can then launch them into the space around you. The challenge is in working out how to do it well.

In addition to building your own rockets, you can also design and launch your own space programs. This will allow you to recreate real human space missions.


Originally scheduled to launch in 2020, Kerbal Space Program 2 has been delayed. The new release date is set for February 24th, 2023. This was announced at Gamescom 2019. While it is still unclear when the game will be released for consoles, it will be available on PC for early access.

Kerbal Space Program 2 will introduce several new features and celestial bodies. This includes an interstellar travel system and the first colony-building experience in the KSP universe. The Kerbals have also received an overhaul. Their new looks include a wider range of hairstyles, facial expressions, and colours.

In addition to the new planets, the game will also feature new celestial bodies. One of the star systems that is expected to be added is the Debdeb, a young star system with a number of celestial bodies.

Release date

Originally planned for release in 2020, Kerbal Space Program 2 is finally coming to PC in February of 2023. This sequel to the hit space flight simulator is being developed by Intercept Games. It is scheduled to launch on Steam and the Epic Games Store.

Featuring a massively improved user experience, Kerbal Space Program 2 is a sequel to the popular 2011 game. This new version includes a raft of content updates, including hundreds of new parts, multiplayer and much more.

The studio says that they were inspired by the success of the first game and wanted to take it to the next level. To make this happen, the development team decided to make it a “stable, polished whole” – which meant a substantial delay.

As such, Kerbal Space Program 2 is slated to release on February 24, 2023 in early access. During this time, the game will receive a wide range of improvements to gameplay and tutorials. The goal is to improve the on-boarding process for both existing and new players.

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